photograph of Our Patient-Centred Management Book series

The multi-disciplinary team approach to patient diagnosis and management is now widely used so that a range of healthcare professionals and allied services are working together to try to achieve the best possible treatment outcome for the patient.

Our Patient-Centred Management series provides invaluable guidance for doctors and allied healthcare professionals on the practical application of patient-centred disease management approaches in a wide range of medical specialties.

Key Features

  • Focus on new understandings of the patient-centred approach to care
  • Expert review of doctor-patient relationship and decision making process
  • Review of advances in patient care
  • Review of psycho-social aspects of disease management
  • Review of relevant patient outcomes measures

Optional accompanying digital programmes include:

  • Expert patient consultation videos with commentary on best practice
  • Additional management tools such as referral checklists
  • Patient materials (e.g. self-management tools, links to local support groups)

Our Patient-Centred Management series will be available in both print and eBook formats. 

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